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The World Today

The world today
1. What is the population of the world when you opened this web page?6 billion human beings
2. How many people were on the earth when you were born and what percentage has the population increased by since then?
3. What is the predicted population in 120 years time? The United Nations estimate that we will only be 12 billion in 120 years.
4. How many babies come to life everyday? 400000 babies come to life everyday

How many children in your lifetime?
5. How many babies is it possible for a woman to have in her lifetime? 24 babies
6. If a woman became sterile at 45, how many babies is it possible for her to have?15 children
7. What are the main reasons why women do not have this many children?
  • marriage, which delays the first birth,
  • breastfeeding, nature's way to delay the next birth,
  • birth control
8. Enter on the web page the best age for a woman to get married. How many does this reduce the fertility potential (the number of babies you can have) by? Globally women get married on average at age 21.
9. What is the average age of marriage in the regions listed below?
North America: 23 years old
Europe: 23 years old
Latin Ameria: 22 years old
Asia: 21 years old
Africa: 20 years old
Oceania: 23 years old
10. Enter on the web page the number of months you think a woman should breastfeed for. How much does the birth potential reduce by?
11. How many months, on average, do women from each of the regions below breastfeed?
North America: 4 months
Europe: 4 months
Latin America: 12 months
Asia: 22 months
Africa: 20 months
Oceania: 6 months

How many children in your lifetime?
12. Enter on the web page the number of children you want. If you do not use birth control, how many children could you have?7 children
13. For each of the birth control methods shown below, write down their efficiency rate.
Efficiency rate
Have no sex: 0%
Withdrawal: 4%
Condoms: 8%
Pill: 12 %
IUD: 23 %
Sterilization: 39 %
14. What is the most common form of birth control worldwide? Sterilization

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